U.S. Bank Account Opening

Remote Bank Account Opening For Nonresidents

We understand that it is difficult for a nonresident to open a bank account in the U.S. without paying a visit. Also, getting a visa for nonresident business owners is time consuming. That is why, it is always good to have a professional hand in the US who can take care of all your business operations in the US including opening a bank account.

Our process at Veteran Visual is simple, we add ourselves as a member in our organization and help you open a bank account in the US. Being a 0% ownership partner of the company, Veteran Visual allows you to have the complete ownership of your US Bank Account as well as merchant accounts to make sure that your business is ever expanding and you do not face any hurdles operating from the US.

Compare U.S. Bank Account Opening Packages

Use the comparison chart below to determine which account opening package is right for you.

Service typeCorporate AccountTrust Account
Financial institution type Major U.S. bank Credit union
Business checking account
Remote opening
Internet banking
Debit card
Platinum status * X
Opening time 8 business days 5 business day
Minimum initial deposit $100 $100
Domestic ACH & wires
International transfers
Can be used for Amazon or Shopify
Can be used for Stripe or PayPal X
Account under your company name X
U.S. company required? Yes No
Setup fee $1,000 $150
Maintenance fee ** $150 per month $150 per month
* All our clients get Platinum status with Corporate Account option:
- All incoming wires are free of charge (instead of $15 fee)
- $0 account fees
- Four outgoing wires are free of charge (instead of $25 fee for U.S. and $40 fee for international wire)

** Maintenance fee covers:
- Platinum status (for Corporate Account only)
- Ensuring account compliance, to preserve long term account sustainability
- Resolving online banking support issues
- Visiting bank offices to sign additional documentation where required
- Forwarding bank mail
- Attending to issues raised by bank on the account
- Insurance premium for being an account signatory
3 months of maintenance are paid initially in advance

Find out below the type of
bank account you need for your company

Trust Account

A trust account is such a business account which is owned by Veteran Visual as well as our client. You can use this account for e-commerce platforms, American & international wire transfers and making transactions in U.S only stores. However, Trust Account is not supported in collaborating with merchants like Stripe, Paypal or other merchant services.

Corporate Account

A Corporate Account is created in one of the major US Banks with complete functionality for our clients under their American Company Name. A Corporate Account can be used for taking payments from your customers in America as well as international clients, setting up merchant accounts like Paypal, Stripe and 2Checkout, sending payments in your home country without any hurdles as well as doing everything any business entity in the US can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We will be doing everything remotely hence there is no need of a physical presence.

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