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E-Filing Your Trademark Application with the USPTO. Electronically file your federal trademark application and receive an email confirmation.
Professional Preparation of your U.S. federal trademark application (text or logo).
Digitalization, Color adjustment and Sizing of your trademark specimens and logo to meet filing requirements.
Email Confirmation of Trademark Filing. Receive an email confirmation once your trademark application is e-filed with the USPTO.
Email Delivery of Search Report. We'll email you the trademark search report in a PDF file so you can easily read, save or share it with others.
100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee. Our service fees are backed by an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with our services, simply let us know within 30 days of your order.
In-depth search of federal trademarks. Our full search will analyze your trademark to see what's out there. We’ll search for similar sounding words, plurals, misspellings, wildcards, translation, and other variables.
Cease and Desist Letter package.
Transfer and Assignment Letter. Use the transfer and assignment letter if you need to legally change ownership of your trademark in the future.
Unlimited Customer Support throughout the filing process.
Our customer support team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We'll be there to help you at any stage during the filing process
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Benefits of a Trademark Registration

Pioneers of online trademark document filing services, Veteran Visual have been making it easy for our hundreds of thousands of customers for more than a decade now. Whether our customers need to search for a trademark, register their existing brand or maintaining the registration with United States Patent and Trademark Office, we are here to help them with most affordable rates with multiple solutions. Talk to us to start a trademark search right away.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

  • Complete ownership of the name, logo or phrase you file your trademark for.
  • Helps prevent duplication of your trademark with other entities, hence saving you from fraudulent activities.
  • Ability to use your trademark on your products, goods, services as well as rights to open business with the same trademark nationwide.
  • It helps use the US Registration making you able for international registration in other countries, where necessary.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is a trademark?
A trademark is a brand name. A trademark can be a name, phrase, or logo used on a product or advertised for a service. For example, Starbucks® is a name for coffee shop or Nike® for shoes.

How long is the process?
We normally process orders in about 2-3 business days, unless you have a rush. Afterwards, the USPTO will usually take at least 6-8 months to register a trademark. It’s important to submit a complete and accurate application to make the process smoother. We make it easy for you to file a trademark application without the jargon.

What does your trademark search include?
We can search your trademark at the federal, all 50 States, common-law, business names, design logo, or world-wide databases. You can choose the search criteria options based on your needs. Our full search will analyze your trademark to see what's out there. We’ll search for similar sounding words, plurals, misspellings, wildcards, translation, and other variables.

Why is a Trademark Registry important?

A federal trademark registry helps you protect your common-law rights as well as several other benefits. It helps you file a legal suit against others who attempt to use your trademark without your consent. It also helps you use your trademark on your products, goods and services nationwide. A trademark registry also allows you to use the ® symbol peacefully. After your business registry, the most important step for a corporate business or brand is to register their trademark with USPTO.

Frequently asked questions

A trademark is your brand name, logo or a phrase which is unique and used only by your company for advertisement services or for a specific product. For example, Apple is a name of an electronics manufacturer company and Reebok is a sport clothing brand.

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